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At Kentucky Breast Care, we are committed to using state of the art technology to keep up with advances in medicine. Medical literature has demonstrated that there is a better way to do mammograms. It's called breast tomosynthesis or 3D mammography. Just as the CT scan revolutionized the way doctors could "see through" the body to find out what was causing a patient's pain, 3D mammography is revolutionizing the way doctors can see through the breast. And because we can see through the breast with more clarity than ever before, we are finding breast cancers at earlier stages. We are identifying cancers that would have otherwise remained hidden, left to grow and metastasize until they could finally be seen with a regular mammogram or felt during a physical exam. 

We offer 3D technology because we know it leads to earlier detection, and earlier detection saves lives. For more information, go to

No one wants to be diagnosed with breast cancer, but for the 1 in 8 who will be diagnosed, let's find it at the earliest possible moment--before it has moved into the lymph nodes or beyond.


Meet Dr. Andrea Woodroof

Dr. Andrea Woodroof - Breast RadiologistI am originally from a small rural community in Northern Oklahoma, so I know what it means to have a good doctor, and what it means to need one. When I finished my medical training (four years of medical school, a year of primary care training, and four more years of general radiology training), I did an additional year (a fellowship) dedicated entirely to the interpretation of mammograms and the management of breast disease. During my fellowship year at the university, I worked with a team of experienced breast radiologists who not only gave me the training and expertise I needed to confidently identify breast cancer, but who also form a network of colleagues and professors with whom to consult on challenging cases.

It was also during my fellowship that I learned that the most effective breast radiologists are not only appropriately trained, but are keenly aware of, and responsive to, the unique needs of patients facing the possible diagnosis of breast cancer. This means taking a little extra time to listen to a patient's full history, explain the radiographic finding to the patient, and make sure her questions are answered before she leaves the office. Although some radiologists refer to this as "coddling" or "hand-holding," good communication between doctor and patient is simply good medicine. I would want my breast radiologist to see me as a human being and not just a disembodied image on a computer screen, and good doctors know that what we want for ourselves, we must give to our patients.

Technology continues to grow at warp speed. In the last few years, previously impenetrable barriers have been shattered in the world of mammography. A new kind of mammogram is consistently finding breast cancers of smaller sizes and at earlier stages than traditional mammograms. Once I researched the medical literature and reviewed case studies, I knew I wanted this technology for myself, my loved ones, and my patients. Because of tomography's ability to find breast cancers we cannot otherwise see, it will very likely become the new standard in mammography, and Kentucky Breast Care is one of only a few breast centers offering tomography in all of Kentucky.

When I began working in the Cumberland area and logging each new diagnosis of breast cancer, I was struck not only by the sheer number of breast cancer diagnoses in our community, but by the young age of many of my patients. As a result, I felt an urgent need to make this revolutionary technology available sooner rather than later, and began the groundwork necessary to bring tomography to our region.

As a scientist, I fully appreciate the life-changing potential of this technology. As a doctor, I am ecstatic about the positive impact 3D tomography will have on the outcomes of my patients. As the founder of Kentucky Breast Care, I am honored to bring this state of the art facility to the people of my community.

Dr. Andrea Woodroof - CV (Curriculum Vitae)


Our Staff

Jessica Mounce

Jessica MounceJessica Mounce is returning to the South Central, Ky area after living in Bowling Green for several years. She is a recent graduate of Western Kentucky University having obtained a Bachelor of Science degree. She is excited to join the staff of Kentucky Breast Care and looks forward to helping women in the South Central, Ky area achieve the best in ladies’ healthcare. Jessica states, “Dr. Woodroof and the staff of Kentucky Breast Care understand the importance of providing women with prompt attention.  Kentucky Breast Care offers state of the art mammography technology, while catering to the comfort of our patients.”

Cara Brown R.T. (R) (M)

Cara Brown R.T.Cara was born in Greensburg, KY and continues to reside in South Central KY. She is married to Chad Brown and has 2 children, Macy, age 10 and Ally, age 6. She obtained her radiography degree from Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in 1997. When Cara began her radiography career in 1997, she took a keen interest in women’s imaging leading her to obtain mammography certification in 1999. Prior to coming to Kentucky Breast Care, she was the Mammography Supervisor from April 1999 to September 2012 and Director of Imaging from February 2011 to September 2012 at Westlake Regional Hospital in Columbia, KY.

Lacy Dudgeon

LacyLacy is a lifelong resident of Russell Springs, KY. She resides in Russell Springs with her children and husband, Jimmy. Lacy joined the staff of Kentucky Breast Care in October, 2013. Her tenure at Kentucky Breast Care has proven to be a wonderful experience. “I take pride in knowing that every patient who passes through our doors gets the best level of care we can provide.” Lacy states, “I have grown to love my position at Kentucky Breast Care. It allows me to become emotionally invested in a patient’s future.”


Pink Ribbon Facility

Kentucky Breast Care - A Pink Ribbon FacilityPink Ribbon Facilities are digital imaging centers that provide excellence in breast health paired with their exceptional commitment and support to the women of their community. For more information, you can visit

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